Ice Cream Cakes

See in store for our great range of ready made cakes suitable for any occasion, or design your own!
Choose from our great range of ice cream flavours and cover it with a combination of
lollies, frosting edible icing tops, customised chocolate plaques and tantilising chocolate drizzle!

Ice Cream Cake Size
Choose from a range of sizes
to suit your needs.
Additional Flavours
Can't choose just one flavour?
Why not layer your cake?
Additional Extras

Personalise your cake with
these great extras.

  Log Cake
Two Flavours for Log and Small
$ 5.00
Edible Flowers for log and Small $ 8.00
Small Round
Two Flavours for Large
$ 10.00
Edible Flowers for Large $15.00
  Large Round
Three Flavours for Log and Small
$ 10.00
Edible Icing Top
  Small Square
Three Flavours for Large
$ 20.00
Coloured or White Frosting
  Large Square
    Chocolate Plaque with Message
    Icing Plaque $ 5.00
from $24.00
    Assorted Chocolates
$ 8.00
  (10 Scoup)     Assorted Lollies
$ 5.00
        Oreo Cookies
$ 6.00
        Chocolate Drizzle
$ 4.00


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